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Berea Refrigeration and Restaurant Equipment Repair provides excellent service for commercial foodservice equipment and HVAC systems. Our customers include hotels, churches, hospitals, and, of course, restaurants. 


To support these customers, we maintain a high level of expertise in the repair and maintenance of electric, gas, electronic, steam and refrigeration equipment. As the complexity of this equipment evolves, maintaining our high level of proficiency becomes an ongoing challenge. This challenge is one Berea Refrigeration & Restaurant Equipment Repair is uniquely capable of meeting through our industry-leading technical training and education programs.




All technicians go through our hands-on training program before entering the field, to ensure their expertise when evaluating and fixing your equipment.

Berea Refrigeration & Restaurant Equipment Repair was created in 2011, with Jason Couch as owner and operator. Jason has been working in the HVAC and Refrigeration field since 2004. Over the past few years, we have carefully expanded our company and we are dedicated to being the top service company in the region. 


The company is designed to take care of you, the customer, on a personal level with your best interest in  Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration in mind.  We offer an open-door policy of dealing directly with the owner to achieve 100% Satisfaction.


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